About us

We are a team which will provide your safety without any conditionality. We are not worried that we can lose our license. The only thing we care for is the client’s safety. Specific feature of our work fundamentally differs from the approach of local security companies. We have a systematic approach. Our methods are hard ones, but we provide quietness to your home but in so doing we don’t trouble our clients. Inadequacy of local legal framework creates the crime. The impunity is a local scourge. In this case we will try to clear things up in Costa del Sol.

So, it is a rich area which attracts many people who want to live here and have a rest. It is clearly known to the criminals that they can find some rich pickings in area where self-sufficient people live. The legislative framework is loyal too. There are a lot of cases when people fighting back with the criminals become the accused ones for trying to protect themselves. It begins to bother. For example, the Spanish Court is worried with personal injury of the robber than the fact of attempted burglary. In our opinion, it is an inflection. We know how to protect ourselves.  In comparison with other companies, we have a big experience, we know local mentality and we are ready for vigorous actions. Our approach fundamentally differs from Spanish companies. We need a result and this result is your safety that’s why we will do everything possible for your safety. This applies to the staff and our methods of work. WE ARE A YOUNG AND AMBITIOUS TEAM. We have a big experience. Believe we know how to communicate with criminals and the authorities.

We follow the law of honor and justice. 

House security and alarm

Even if you have a security system in your house there is no guarantee that the robbers will be detained and punished. Many security companies prefer not to speak about it and even they have no Rapid Response Team. The operators just calls in case of alarm trip or invasion of privacy. The other thing that companies keep silent is that the operator can call the police only in case of three fire detections. Otherwise, the company is liable to fines. The criminals often make use of these opportunities. The same companies which have the Rapid Response Team specifically first responders (as a rule one person) under existing legislation cannot prevent from unlawful entry into a dwelling especially to apprehend a criminal. They should call the police no more. The misconduct leads to deregistration of the company.

The important feature is a staff. In Spanish companies there are no requirements to the staff, the main thing is to attend the course of the security guard at the end of which the certificate is given. That’s all. You can make conclusions by yourselves. In such kind of approach it is difficult to ensure the safety. If you still doubt you can take the “stress test”. Try to do that your alarm must sound and just don’t answer the phone of operator and you see how the company would respond to such kind of test.

Our approach is different.

Systematic approach is one of our principles. We prevent problems in all levels. It concerns information and physical security.

In modern society the criminals becomes more technically advanced. Drone surveillance used by them to spy or break into the security cameras is an already given. To ensure a full safety we need to prevent from any information leakage.

Another inalienable right of any person is a right to private life. Privacy will be soon appreciated very highly. We will be able to help you in it. Our IT specialists in the sphere of security will make a full analysis of possible vulnerabilities on all devices in your house.

Our requirements to the staff

  1. Physical abilities, person who ensures the safety of someone must stand up for himself and for the client.
  2. Moral psychological stability

We are ready to ensure your safety in every possible way even if the others don’t like it