Security of the villas, houses for short and long period 

Our team guarantees the sanctity of your home from the scum.

Specific feature of our work fundamentally differs from the approach of local security companies. We have a systematic approach. Our methods are hard ones, but we provide quietness to your home but in so doing we don’t trouble our clients.

Security of the activities 

We will help to arrange different kind of events like weddings, presentations and festivals because we have an extensive experience in this field

The Rapid Response Team 

  • The Rapid Response Team’s exit in case of detection alarm or on call
  • To prevent potential threat and resolution of dangerous situations

If you consider that someone had his eyes on you when you visiting night club or disco, then call us and our people will help you and will accompany you to the destination

Taxi service “Designated driver”

The delivery of your car to the destination by our drivers at any time

Shuttle service and escorting 

We are ready to deliver you to any part of Spain accompanied by our driver by our or your car